Governing California In The Twenty First Century

Governing California in the Twenty first Century PDF
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Governing California in the Twenty-First Century, Fourth Edition, introduces students to the basics of California politics and government. Incorporating several of the successful features of We the People, the text emphasizes critical thinking and the relevance of government to students' everyday lives. The Fourth Edition has been updated to reflect recent events and newly available data, including an extensive discussion of the 2012 campaigns and elections and the effects of Propositions 20 and 25. It can be used with any American government textbook or on its own.

Governing California In The 21st Century

Governing California in the 21st Century PDF
Author: J. Theodore Anagnoson
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 9780393925777
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Category : Political Science
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Governing California in the Twenty-First Century encourages students to think critically about how California government and politics impact their lives.

Renovating Democracy

Renovating Democracy PDF
Author: Nathan Gardels
Publisher: University of California Press
ISBN: 0520303601
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The rise of populism in the West and the rise of China in the East have stirred a rethinking of how democratic systems work—and how they fail. The impact of globalism and digital capitalism is forcing worldwide attention to the starker divide between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” challenging how we think about the social contract. With fierce clarity and conviction, Renovating Democracy tears down our basic structures and challenges us to conceive of an alternative framework for governance. To truly renovate our global systems, the authors argue for empowering participation without populism by integrating social networks and direct democracy into the system with new mediating institutions that complement representative government. They outline steps to reconfigure the social contract to protect workers instead of jobs, shifting from a “redistribution” after wealth to “pre-distribution” with the aim to enhance the skills and assets of those less well-off. Lastly, they argue for harnessing globalization through “positive nationalism” at home while advocating for global cooperation—specifically with a partnership with China—to create a viable rules-based world order. Thought provoking and persuasive, Renovating Democracy serves as a point of departure that deepens and expands the discourse for positive change in governance.

Education Governance For The Twenty First Century

Education Governance for the Twenty First Century PDF
Author: Paul Manna
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815723954
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Category : Education
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America's fragmented, decentralized, politicized, and bureaucratic system of education governance is a major impediment to school reform. In this important new book, a number of leading education scholars, analysts, and practitioners show that understanding the impact of specific policy changes in areas such as standards, testing, teachers, or school choice requires careful analysis of the broader governing arrangements that influence their content, implementation, and impact. Education Governance for the Twenty-First Century comprehensively assesses the strengths and weaknesses of what remains of the old in education governance, scrutinizes how traditional governance forms are changing, and suggests how governing arrangements might be further altered to produce better educational outcomes for children. Paul Manna, Patrick McGuinn, and their colleagues provide the analysis and alternatives that will inform attempts to adapt nineteenth and twentieth century governance structures to the new demands and opportunities of today. Contents: Education Governance in America: Who Leads When Everyone Is in Charge?, Patrick McGuinn and Paul Manna The Failures of U.S. Education Governance Today, Chester E. Finn Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli How Current Education Governance Distorts Financial Decisionmaking, Marguerite Roza Governance Challenges to Innovators within the System, Michelle R. Davis Governance Challenges to Innovators outside the System, Steven F. Wilson Rethinking District Governance, Frederick M. Hess and Olivia M. Meeks Interstate Governance of Standards and Testing, Kathryn A. McDermott Education Governance in Performance-Based Federalism, Kenneth K. Wong The Rise of Education Executives in the White House, State House, and Mayor's Office, Jeffrey R. Henig English Perspectives on Education Governance and Delivery, Michael Barber Education Governance in Canada and the United States, Sandra Vergari Education Governance in Comparative Perspective, Michael Mintrom and Richard Walley Governance Lessons from the Health Care and Environment Sectors, Barry G. Rabe Toward a Coherent and Fair Funding System, Cynthia G. Brown Picturing a Different Governance Structure for Public Education, Paul T. Hill From Theory to Results in Governance Reform, Kenneth J. Meier The Tall Task of Education Governance Reform, Paul Manna and Patrick McGuinn

Governing Metropolitan Regions In The 21st Century

Governing Metropolitan Regions in the 21st Century PDF
Author: Donald Phares
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317469577
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Category : Business & Economics
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Pages : 336
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While government provides the structure of public leadership, governance is the art of public leadership. This timely book examines current trends in metropolitan governance issues. It analyzes specific cases from thirteen major metropolitan regions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, all woven together by an overall framework established in the first three chapters. The distinguished contributors address such governance issues as city-county consolidation, local-federal coordination, annexation and special districting, and private contracting, with special attention to lessons learned from both successes and failures. As urban governance innovations have clearly outpaced urban government structures in recent years, the topics covered here are especially relevant.

Governing The Metropolitan Region America S New Frontier 2014

Governing the Metropolitan Region  America s New Frontier  2014 PDF
Author: David Y Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317469542
Size: 67.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 320
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This text is aimed at the basic local government management course (upper division or graduate) that addresses the structural, political and management issues associated with regional and metropolitan government. It also can complement more specialized courses such as urban planning, urban government, state and local politics, and intergovernmental relations.