Dimensions Of Tax Design

Dimensions of Tax Design PDF
Author: James A. Mirrlees
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199553750
Size: 49.97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 1347
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This volume brings together a high-profile group of international experts and younger researchers to assess the dimensions of tax design in a number of key areas highlighted by the Mirrlees Review. The volume includes a set of thirteen commissioned studies which draw on the latest thinking in each area. These are supplemented by expert commentaries to provide the widest range of views and ideas across a wide range of questions in tax design. In this volume theauthors are encouraged to develop and express their own ideas for tax reform.

Tax By Design

Tax By Design PDF
Author: Stuart Adam
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199553742
Size: 55.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 533
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Based on the findings of a commission chaired by James Mirrlees, this volume presents a coherent picture of tax reform whose aim is to identify the characteristics of a good tax system for any open developed economy, assess the extent to which the UK tax system conforms to these ideals, and recommend how it might be reformed in that direction.

Dimensions Of Tax Design The Mirrlees Review

Dimensions of Tax Design The Mirrlees Review PDF
Author: Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0199553750
Size: 29.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 1360
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The goal of the Mirrlees Review has been to identify what makes a good tax system for an open developed economy in the 21st century and to suggest how the UK tax system could be reformed to move in that direction. As an integral part of the Review, this volume brings together thirteen studies of different dimensions of tax design, plus associated commentaries. These were commissioned from IFS researchers and other international experts, to be of interest and value in their ownright, as well as to provide inspiration for the final report of the Review, which is published as a separate volume, Tax by Design.The Commission's work was directed by:Tim BesleyRichard BlundellMalcolm GammieJames PoterbaThe Commission's editorial team:Stuart AdamStephen BondRobert ChotePaul JohnsonGareth Myles

The Oxford Handbook Of Public Choice

The Oxford Handbook of Public Choice PDF
Author: Roger D. Congleton
Publisher: Oxford Handbooks
ISBN: 0190469773
Size: 12.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 1016
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"This two-volume collection provides a comprehensive overview of the past seventy years of public choice research, written by experts in the fields surveyed. The individual chapters are more than simple surveys, but provide readers with both a sense of the progress made and puzzles that remain. Most are written with upper level undergraduate and graduate students in economics and political science in mind, but many are completely accessible to non-expert readers who are interested in Public Choice research. The two-volume set will be of broad interest to social scientists, policy analysts, and historians"--

Modernizing Vats In Africa

Modernizing VATs in Africa PDF
Author: Sijbren Cnossen
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198844077
Size: 26.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 400
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Most African countries are in dire need of more tax revenue. In 28 out of 45 countries with a value-added tax (VAT), total tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is around 15% or less, falling short of what is necessary to finance basic human and economic development. Far from being revenue-raising instruments, current African VATs are riddled with exemptions, exclusions, and zero rates on domestic goods and services that depress revenue, are highly distortionary, and greatly complicate the administration of VAT. Modernizing VATs in Africa enables policymakers, professionals, and students to analyse African tax systems to ascertain how they can be modernized. It explains the case for VAT base-broadening over rate-increasing, arguing that exemptions and zero rates mainly accrue benefits for higher-income groups. Even more persuasively, it demonstrates that the net result of fiscal systems can be equalizing if the revenue of broad-based VATs is used to finance in-kind transfers, such as healthcare and education. VAT modernization should be used to enable governments to finance development; Modernizing VATs in Africa puts a compelling case forward for how and why this can be achieved.

Taxation Government Spending And Economic Growth

Taxation  Government Spending and Economic Growth PDF
Author: Philip Booth
Publisher: London Publishing Partnership
ISBN: 025536735X
Size: 74.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 254
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Amidst the debates about ‘austerity’ a number of vital debates in public finance have been sidelined. Because the reductions in government spending – small though they have been so far- have been designed to reduce the government’s borrowing requirement, there has been little discussion of whether the size of the state should be reduced in order to facilitate long-run reductions in the burden of taxation. This book traces the history of the growth of the size of the state over the last 100 years whilst also making international comparisons. There is a particular focus on recent and projected future developments which shows that, though the total level of government spending has not decreased significantly in recent years, there has been a big redirection of spending from some areas to others. The authors then examine the evidence on the relationship between taxation and economic growth. As well as reviewing recent literature, they also undertake new modelling that higher taxes are detrimental for growth. In the final part of the book, the whole UK tax system is reconsidered in a proper economic framework. The UK has one of the world’s most complex tax systems and its incoherence has increased over the last five years. Sweeping reforms are proposed to the system which wold involve abolishing around 20 taxes and the development of a simple, predictable tax system based on principles that should gain wide acceptance.

Economics Of The Welfare State

Economics of the Welfare State PDF
Author: Nicholas Barr
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198748582
Size: 19.29 MB
Format: PDF
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 424
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The sixth edition of this successful textbook discusses elements of the welfare system, including cash benefits, the health service and education. The text argues that the welfare state does not exist just to help the underprivileged, but also offers efficiencies in areas where the private markets would be inefficient or would not exist at all. Suitable for both economics students and students on related disciplines, this book places the content within a theoretical framework, and uses learning features to engage students with the discussion. Each chapter is concluded with a summary of the key points and an appendix, which provides a non-technical summary for students with no previous exposure to economics. Worked examples from around the world facilitate the comparison of global welfare issues, while diagrams allow readers to visualize concepts. The author ends each chapter with 'questions for further discussion' which could be prepared to structure seminars or to independently test understanding, while an annotated list of further reading suggestions guides additional research. This book is accompanied by the following online resources. For students: - Web links - Further reading For lecturers: - PowerPoint slides

Die Globalisierung Der Ungleichheit

Die Globalisierung der Ungleichheit PDF
Author: Francois Bourguignon
Publisher: Hamburger Edition HIS
ISBN: 3868546030
Size: 36.41 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Social Science
Languages : de
Pages : 128
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Segen oder Teufelswerk? Ist die Globalisierung für den beispiellosen Anstieg von Ungleichheit in der Welt verantwortlich? Verweist sie alle Hoffnungen auf soziale Gerechtigkeit ins Reich der Utopie? Kaum eine Debatte wird so erhitzt geführt wie jene um die Globalisierung. Das Verhältnis von Ungleichheit und Globalisierung muss in der doppelten Perspektive - national und international - betrachtet werden, um in seiner Komplexität begreifbar zu werden. So steht dem Anstieg nationaler Ungleichheit paradoxerweise eine Abnahme globaler Ungleichheit gegenüber. Bourguignon, ehemaliger Chefökonom der Weltbank, analysiert diese antagonistischen Effekte der Globalisierung. Mit Blick auf die Schwellenländer ist die Ungleichheit im Weltvergleich geringer geworden: Der Lebensstandard in Brasilien, China oder Indien nähert sich langsam demjenigen der Nordamerikaner und Europäer an. Binnenstaatlich betrachtet sind die Ungleichheiten jedoch in einer nicht geringen Anzahl der Länder eklatant geworden, was zu sozialen Spannungen führen musste. Ohne neue Marktregularien, einer steuerlich indizierten Umverteilung und Gehaltsobergrenzen wird die zunehmende Ungleichheit nicht einzudämmen sein. Bourguignon beschreibt das Instrumentarium, das den nationalen wie internationalen Entscheidungsträgern zur Verfügung steht, um eine an Gerechtigkeitsmaßstäben ausgerichtete Verteilungspolitik zu verwirklichen. Wer heute zunehmende Globalisierung der Ungleichheit verhindern will, muss für eine Globalisierung der Umverteilung eintreten.

Die Weltweite Ungleichheit

Die weltweite Ungleichheit PDF
Author: Facundo Alvaredo
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406723861
Size: 73.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : de
Pages : 456
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Mit seinem Weltbestseller «Das Kapital im 21. Jahrhundert» hat Thomas Piketty eine heftige Kontroverse über die wachsende Ungleichheit in den westlichen Gesellschaften und deren Ursachen ausgelöst. Nun folgt der «World Inequality Report» – der gründlichste und aktuellste Bericht zur Lage der weltweiten Ungleichheit. Ein junges Team von Ökonomen, zu dem auch Piketty gehört, legt darin Fakten und Analysen vor, die ganz klar zeigen: Fast überall auf der Welt nimmt die Ungleichheit dramatisch zu. 1980 verdienten in den USA die unteren 50 Prozent der Lohnskala 21 Prozent des gesamten nationalen Einkommens, während das oberste 1 Prozent 11 Prozent des gesamten Einkommens mit nach Hause nahm. Doch dieser gewaltige Spagat hat sich heute sogar noch umgekehrt: Während die untersten 50 Prozent nur noch 13 Prozent des Einkommens nach Hause bringen, sichert sich das oberste 1 Prozent mehr als 20 Prozent des gesamten Einkommens. Diesen Trend zunehmender ökonomischer Ungleichheit gibt es nicht nur in den USA, sondern nahezu überall auf der Welt. Er wirkt wie eine bedrohliche kapitalistische Urgewalt, gegen die sich im Zeitalter von Globalisierung und Beschleunigung nichts ausrichten lässt. Der «World Inequality Report» zeigt, dass dies nicht stimmt. Wir können und müssen etwas gegen diesen Trend unternehmen – und eine starke Demokratie mit klaren Spielregeln für die Marktwirtschaft kann dies bewirken.