John Everett Millais

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Author: Jason Rosenfeld
Publisher: Phaidon Press
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John Everett Millais was one of the most successful and acclaimed British painters of the nineteenth century. A founder member of the radical Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, an acclaimed society portraitist, and an ambitious painter of historical themes, Millais ended his days as a Baronet and President of the Royal Academy. In this widely illustrated, thoughtful account of Millais’s career, Jason Rosenfeld brings together biography, art history and an insightful and detailed analysis of individual paintings. Opening with a focused study of his much acclaimed, and now iconic Pre-Raphaelite paintings, in the second half of the book the author presents a fascinating reconsideration of the artist’s often over looked later career.

The Millais Gallery

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Author: John Everett Millais
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Millais PDF
Author: A. Lys Baldry
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
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Reproduction of the original: Millais by A. Lys Baldry

John Everett Millais 130 Paintings And Drawings

John Everett Millais  130 Paintings and Drawings PDF
Author: Maria Tsaneva
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1304823504
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Sir John Everett Millais was an English painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. His prodigious artistic talent won him a place at the Royal Academy schools at the unprecedented age of eleven. While there, he met William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti with whom he formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in September 1848 in his family home. His early works were painted with great attention to detail, often concentrating on the beauty and complexity of the natural world based on the integration of naturalistic elements. This style was promoted by the critic John Ruskin, who had defended the Pre-Raphaelites against their critics. Later works, from the 1870s onwards demonstrate Millais's reverence for old masters such as Joshua Reynolds and Velázquez. Many of these paintings were of an historical theme and were further examples of Millais's talent.

Delphi Complete Works Of John Everett Millais Illustrated

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Author: John Everett Millais
Publisher: Delphi Classics
ISBN: 1913487113
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Founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the English painter Sir John Everett Millais was a principal figure of nineteenth century British art. Along with Rossetti and Holman Hunt, he confronted the art establishment with a daring challenge to ignore 500 years of history and the corrupting influence of Raphael. An extraordinary range of paintings sought a bold return to the abundant detail, intense colours and complex compositions of the early Renaissance. Millais produced meticulously detailed artworks, forming an extraordinary and diverse oeuvre that infused new life into British art. Delphi’s Masters of Art Series presents the world’s first digital e-Art books, allowing readers to explore the works of great artists in comprehensive detail. This volume presents Millais’ complete paintings in beautiful detail, with concise introductions, hundreds of high quality images and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * The complete paintings of John Everett Millais – over 300 images, fully indexed and arranged in chronological and alphabetical order * Includes reproductions of rare works * Features a special ‘Highlights’ section, with concise introductions to the masterpieces, giving valuable contextual information * Enlarged ‘Detail’ images, allowing you to explore Millais’ celebrated works in detail, as featured in traditional art books * Hundreds of images in colour – highly recommended for viewing on tablets and smart phones or as a valuable reference tool on more conventional eReaders * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the paintings * Easily locate the paintings you wish to view * Features two bonus biographies – discover Millais’ artistic and personal life Please visit to browse through our range of exciting e-Art books CONTENTS: The Highlights Pizaro Seizing the Inca of Peru Self Portrait, 1847 Isabella Christ in the House of His Parents Mariana The Bridesmaid Portrait of Wilkie Collins Ophelia Portrait of John Ruskin The Order of Release, 1746 The Blind Girl Autumn Leaves Sophie Gray The Somnambulist The North-West Passage The Fringe of the Moor Bubbles ‘Speak! Speak!’ The Paintings The Complete Paintings Alphabetical List of Paintings The Biographies John Everett Millais by William Cosmo Monkhouse Millais by Alfred Lys Baldry Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles or to buy the whole Art series as a Super Set

John Everett Millais 80 Drawings

John Everett Millais  80 Drawings PDF
Author: Narim Bender
Publisher: Osmora Incorporated
ISBN: 2765911177
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Sir John Everett Millais (1829-1896) was an English artist, one of the founders of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He entered the Royal Academy Schools at the age of eleven in 1840, where he met William Holman Hunt (1827-1910). Reacting against the traditional painting practices of such artists as Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792), Millais favoured a more realist approach evidenced in works. This attention to detail met with a great deal of criticism, however, and it was only with the critical support of John Ruskin (1819-1900) that public opinion began to change. Adhering to the Pre-Raphaelite creed, Millais painted the landscape backgrounds of such celebrated paintings as 'Ophelia' and 'The Blind Girl' out of doors rather than in the studio. Millais also produced illustrations for a number of literary texts. He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1863. By the late 1860s, Millais had become an extremely popular artist. He was created a baronet in 1885 and elected President of the Royal Academy in 1896 a few months before his death.

Time Present And Time Past

Time Present and Time Past PDF
Author: Paul Barlow
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351539051
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John Everett Millais (1829-1896) is undoubtedly among the most important of Victorian artists. In his day, and our own, he remains also the most controversial. While, during his lifetime, controversy centred around his early Pre-Raphaelite paintings, in particular Christ in the house of his Parents (1850), during the twentieth century the most intense criticism has been directed towards Millais's later works, such as Bubbles (1886), which has been widely condemned as sentimental 'kitsch'. These later paintings have been held up as the epitome of the degradation of art, against which avant-garde and Modernist pioneers struggled. None of the existing literature on Millais addresses the fundamental problem that this double-identity reveals. While there is extensive material on the Pre-Raphaelite movement in general, Millais's own work after the 1850s is rarely discussed in detail, despite the fact that he lived and worked for another 30 years after his abandonment of the Pre-Raphaelite style. Time Present and Time Past: The Art of John Everett Millais presents the first comprehensive account of Millais's artistic career from beginning to end. The book considers the question of 'high' and 'low' cultural status in debates during Millais's own day, and in subsequent critical thinking, situating Millais's art as a whole within this cultural framework.