Sufi Essays

Sufi Essays PDF
Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780873952330
Size: 36.93 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Sufism
Languages : en
Pages : 184
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This book combines scholarly research into certain aspect of Sufi doctrines and history with a penetrating account of the spiritual and metaphysical message and significance of Sufism as a living spiritual tradition. In an original discussion, unlike anything that has appeared before in studies of Sufism, the author places special accent on the pertinence of Sufi teachings to the most acute contemporary problems. The book addresses itself to both the ever-increasing Western public interested in Sufism and to the Western-educated Muslim interested in his own spiritual heritage. Dr. Nasr draws on his intimate knowledge of the Sufi literature in Arabic and Persian as well as his first-hand knowledge of Sufi tradition itself to produce this further volume in his numerous studies on the different facets of Islam.

Sufi Music Of India And Pakistan

Sufi Music of India and Pakistan PDF
Author: Regula Qureshi
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521267670
Size: 66.26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Music
Languages : en
Pages : 265
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Qureshi's study carefully describes and documents the performance and rules of Qawwali music in the traditional Sufi assembly.

Sufi Heirs Of The Prophet

Sufi Heirs of the Prophet PDF
Author: Arthur F. Buehler
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 9781570032011
Size: 53.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 312
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Sufi Heirs of the Prophet explores the multifaceted development of personal authority in Islamic societies by tracing the transformation of one representative mystical sufi lineage in colonial India, the Naqshbandiyya. Arthur F. Buehler isolates four sources of personal authority evident in the practices of the Naqshbandiyya - lineage, spiritual traveling, status as a Prophetic exemplar, and the transmission of religious knowledge - to demonstrate how Muslim sufis have exercised charismatic leadership through their connection to the most compelling of personal Islamic symbols, the Prophet Muhammad.

The Sufi Path Of Knowledge

The Sufi Path of Knowledge PDF
Author: William C. Chittick
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780887068850
Size: 50.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 478
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Ibn al-'Arabi is still known as "the Great Sheik" among the surviving Sufi orders. Born in Muslim Spain, he has become famous in the West as the greatest mystical thinker of Islamic civilization. He was a great philosopher, theologian, and poet. William Chittick takes a major step toward exposing the breadth and depth of Ibn al-'Arabi's vision. The book offers his view of spiritual perfection and explains his theology, ontology, epistemology, hermeneutics, and soteriology. The clear language, unencumbered by methodological jargon, makes it accessible to those familiar with other spiritual traditions, while its scholarly precision will appeal to specialists. Beginning with a survey of Ibn al-'Arabi's major teachings, the book gradually introduces the most important facets of his thought, devoting attention to definitions of his basic terminology. His teachings are illustrated with many translated passages introducing readers to fascinating byways of spiritual life that would not ordinarily be encountered in an account of a thinker's ideas. Ibn al-'Arabi is allowed to describe in detail the visionary world from which his knowledge derives and to express his teachings in his own words. More than 600 passages from his major work, al-Futuhat al-Makkivva, are translated here, practically for the first time. These alone provide twice the text of the Fusus al-hikam. The exhaustive indexes make the work an invaluable reference tool for research in Sufism and Islamic thought in general.

Sufi And Scholar On The Desert Edge

Sufi and Scholar on the Desert Edge PDF
Author: Knut S. Vikør
ISBN: 9781850652182
Size: 70.94 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Islamic philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 310
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The Sanusiya was one of the most influential Islamic movements in North Africa and the Sahara in the nineteenth century. It organised the Beduin of the desert and desert fringes into a Sufi movement that combined religious piety with trade. Later, it played a key role in the resistance to French and Italian colonialism. The basis of the movement was laid by the Maghrebi scholar Muhammad b. Ali al-Sanusi (1787-1859), who saw his task as being to advance the growth and spread of Islamic learning, in particular the study of Law and the prophetic tradition.

Persian Sufi Poetry

Persian Sufi Poetry PDF
Author: J. T. P. de Bruijn
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136780491
Size: 74.30 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 228
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Focuses on the poems rather than on their authors. Surveys the development of Persian mystical poetry, dealing first with the relation between Sufism and literature and then with the four main genres of the tradition: the epigram, the homiletic poem, love poetry and symbolic narrative.

The Sufi Book Of Life

The Sufi Book of Life PDF
Author: Neil Douglas-Klotz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440684241
Size: 38.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 336
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Part meditation book, part oracle, and part collection of Sufi lore, poetry, and stories, The Sufi Book of Life offers a fresh interpretation of the fundamental spiritual practice found in all ancient and modern Sufi schools—the meditations on the 99 Qualities of Unity. Unlike most books on Sufism, which are primarily collections of translated Sufi texts, this accessible guide is a handbook that explains how to apply Sufi principles to modern life. With inspirational commentary that connects each quality with contemporary concerns such as love, work, and success, as well as timeless wisdom from Sufi masters, both ancient and modern, such as Rumi, Hafiz, Shabistari, Rabia, Inayat Khan, Indries Shah, Irina Tweedie, Bawa Muhaiyadden, and more, The Sufi Book of Life is a dervish guide to life and love for the twenty-first century. On the web:

The Sufi Doctrine Of Rumi

The Sufi Doctrine of Rumi PDF
Author: William C. Chittick
Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 9780941532884
Size: 57.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 103
View: 1028

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There are almost no authoratative books readily available for the general reader that provide, in clear and accessible language, an introduction to the spiritual perspective illuminating Rumi's magical poetry. In this beautifully illustrated work, William C. Chittick, a leading scholar of Sufism and Rumi, opens doors that give us access to the inner sanctum of Rummi's thought.

Introduction To Sufi Doctrine

Introduction to Sufi Doctrine PDF
Author: Titus Burckhardt
Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 1933316500
Size: 61.61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 118
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"This masterpiece by Titus Burkhardt examines the essence of Islamic mysticism, or Sufism, presenting its central doctrines and methods to a Western audience in a highly intelligible form. This edition contains a new foreword by William C. Chittick and an extensive glossary/index."--BOOK JACKET.

New Sufi Songs And Dances

New Sufi Songs and Dances PDF
Author: Carol Ann Sokoloff
Publisher: Ekstasis Editions
ISBN: 9781896860756
Size: 56.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 128
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New Sufi Songs and Dances is both a seeker's guide to Western Sufism and a manual for those wishing to experience meditative ecstacy though music and movement. Included with the songs are practices for healing, nature meditation, dervish whirling, chanting and prayer.