The Principles Of Fruit Growing

The Principles of Fruit Growing PDF
Author: Liberty Bailey
Publisher: Applewood Books
ISBN: 1429013370
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""Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858-1954) was an American horticulturist, botanist, and cofounder of the American Society for Horticultural Science. A prolific author, Bailey sets out in this 1898 book the principles for growing fruit in America with detailed descriptions of suitable fruits and instructions on how to cultivate and market them.""

Principles And Methods Of Orchard Establishment

Principles and Methods of Orchard Establishment PDF
Author: Bibhas Chandra Mazumdar
Publisher: Daya Books
ISBN: 9788170353348
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To Acquire Skill On The Husbandry Of Fruit Crops, A Clear Understanding Of The Principles Underlying In Scientific Production Of Them Is The Pre-Requisite. Although There Have Been A Number Of Dependable Books Which Devoted Much Attention On The Cropping Procedure Of The Varied Fruit Crops, Separate Titles Dealing With The Principles Of Cropping Are Not Adequate Under Indian Conditions. The Present Book Has Therefore, Been Shaped Which Has Confined To The Methodology Involved In Establishment Of Fruit Farms From Scientific Perspective, That Is Considered A Vital Step As Regards The Principles For Fruit Culture. The Scientific Procedure Involved In Building Up Fruit Plantations Right From Selection Of Site Till Planting Of Propagating Materials And Post-Planting Care Under The Conditions Of India Having A Diversity Of Fruit Crops And Their Growing Environment Has Been Brought In The Present Title In Order Of Sequence. The Title Therefore, Caters To The Need Of The Students Of Horticulture, Pomology, Applied Botany And Related Disciplines As Well As Those Desire To Set Up Orchards. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Concept Of Fruits, Importance Of Fruits, Importance Of Fruit Growing In India, Types Of Fruit Farms, Objectives To Setup Fruit Plantations; Chapter 2: Planning Of An Orchard, Principles And Objectives; Chapter 3: Demarcation Of Area And Protection Against Tresspassing; Necessity Of Limiting Orchard Area, Necessity To Provide Protective Measures At The Boundary, Factors Affecting Selection Of The Protective Methods, Protective Methods: Their Construction, Merits And Demerits; Chapter 4: Primary Operations Of Land; Shortcomings In The Land And Corrective Measures; Chapter 5: Wind Break Rows; Damage Done By Wind, Wind Break Row, Essentially Of Wind Break Row, Location Of Wind Break Row, Number Of Wind Break Row, Suitable Species Of Wind Break Trees And Shrubs, Propagation Methods, Time And Method Of Planting, Protective Fruit Trees From Roots Of Wind Break Trees, Post Planting Operations; Chapter 6: Orchard Accessories; Importance, List Of Accessories, Their Necessity And Place For Provisions; Chapter 7: Overall Layout; Importance, Factors Affecting The Layout, Sketch The Layout, Types Of Layout; Chapter 8: Preparation Of Cropping Plots; Importance, Steps In Preparation Of Cropping Plots; Chapter 9: Planting Distance; Importance, Factors Affecting Planting Distance, Planting Distance Of Some Fruit Crops, High Density Planting; Chapter 10: Layout In Cropping Plots; Principles, Systems Of Layout; Chapter 11: Procurement And Pre-Treatment Of Planting Materials; Chapter 12: Planting Of Propagating Materials; Season Of Planting, Method Of Planting; Chapter 13: Post-Planting Care; Principles, Necessary Measures; Chapter 14: Inter-Cropping; Concept, Plants Grown As Inter Crops, Advantages, Disadvantages, Conclusion; Chapter 15: Maintaining Maps And Records; Principles, Particulars To Be Maintained At The Initial Stage, Particulars To Be Maintained During Running Condition Of The Orchard.

Principles Of Fruit Growing

Principles of Fruit growing PDF
Author: Liberty Hyde Bailey
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